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Worlds Best Ionized WATER System

The first water ionizer capable of creating therapeutic levels of molecular hydrogen at any ph LEVEL, protecting cells and tissues from oxidative damage. Unlike other molecules hydrogencan cross cell membranes and target sub-cellular structures, including the mitochondria of each cell.

“Tyent water along with all of its other benefits, neutralizes free radicals in a very effective manner.”One of the important features of drinking Tyent Water is the high ORP quotient, that is the oxidation reduction potential and the power the water has to go into your body and neutralize free radicals. 

Fill Your Glass With Alkaline Hydrogen-rich Ionized Water.  Are You Ready To Experience More Energy, Better Focus, Immune Support, Better Hydration,  Advanced Detox Effect,  Anti Aging Results,  Anti-oxidant Rich Protection, Increased Performance.” 

*Get the best alkaline and ionized water at home with Tyent USA

Water Ionizers.

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